Woman Throws Out Bologna Sandwich, Gets Arrested for Meth

March 16, 2017


On Monday, a woman’s littering led to her being arrested for possession of methamphetamine.
The incident began when an officer with the Madison Police Department saw someone throw something out the window of a car at the intersection of Green Road and Cragmont Street.

When the car continued to Clifty Drive, the officer then pulled it over.
Sarah Kietzman, age 24, who was sitting in the rear passenger seat, admitted to throwing a bologna sandwich out the window because she felt sick and said she might be pregnant.

The officers on scene found a hypodermic needle in plain view in Kietzman’s boot and removed her from the car.
Upon questioning, Kietzman said that there probably more questionable things in her purse.

The driver and front seat passenger denied any knowledge of any contraband and invited the officers to search the vehicle.
Inside the purse was located another needle and assorted pills.
A hidden compartment within the purse also contained three plastic bagees which tested positive for meth, a syringe, a spoon, and a hair tie.
A blue backpack resting near where Kietzman was sitting yielded a digital scale, more meth, and further paraphernalia.

Because of their compliance and denial of any knowledge of the items, both the driver and passenger were both released from the scene.
Kietzman was arrested for possession of meth, paraphernalia, legend drugs, and a syringe and was transported to the Jefferson County jail.