Woman Hospitalized Following Assault Over Alleged Texts

March 15, 2017


According to reports, Captain Shane Caldwell was called to respond to a woman at the Kings Daughter’s emergency room who had been injured on Friday, March 10th.

When he arrived, Caldwell spoke with Heather Marksberry, 27, and her mother regarding the incident. Heather said she was at the home of Alaina Tingle-Duncil, 27, to socialize.

According to Alaina, she and Heather were drinking alcohol when Alaina attacked Heather over a text with her supposed ex-boyfriend. Heather was punched and strangled during the alleged assault. Christian Lauderbaugh, 21, who was also present, made a Facebook live video of the attack, where he can be heard telling Alaina to ‘hit Heather again’.

Heather suffered a broken orbital socket, a broken nose, and swelling inside of her eye. Alaina was arrested Friday afternoon and is now in the Jefferson County Jail.