Veterans Ascend on Local School to Answer Questions About the Military

February 5, 2018


Take a Veteran to School Day; This is One way that Shawe Memorial High School in Madison celebrated Catholic Schools Week was by having Veterans Ascend on the place of education to discuss some things that they know best.

According school officials, last week, they looked to our Nation by inviting parents who had been members of the military and are now Veterans to visit the schools and talk about their roles in their respected branches of the military.

These revered guests answered pertinent questions that local students had for them such as, “When did you serve?, Where did you serve?, What was your primary job or role in the military?, What do you remember or value most about your years of service? Do you have a story you would like to share?” and more.

After much discussion the program concluded with several questions also from the faculty and staff.

According to a press release from Prince of Peace Schools, “It was a very enlightening presentation and students heard not only about serving in the military during a war, but also about serving during peacetime, serving shorter times to get out and raise a family, and making a career of the military. They learned that lifelong friendships were made, being in one branch doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t work with members of other branches, and that there are a multitude of educational opportunities available to military personnel.”

According to Shawe Senior Ryan Storm “I think it was really neat having Veterans who were parents of students I go to school with and kind of know. It made their stories more interesting.

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Left to right: Makayla Christian (junior)& her father, Mark Christian (Marines); Josephine Bennett (senior) & her father, Scott Bennett (Navy); Dwayne Tandy (Air Force) & his son, Nolan Tandy (8th grade); Tamara Duquette (Army) & her daughter, Delaine Duquette (junior)