Vectren Energy Pledges $20,000 Towards Madison’s Stellar Efforts

January 3, 2018


Another company is stepping up and helping to push the Stellar Cheer clear into this New Year.

According to the City of Madison, Vectren Energy, a Fortune 1000 energy holding company headquartered in Evansville, Indiana has pledged $20,000 towards Madison’s Stellar Efforts. 

Madison, Vectren and the Community Foundation of Madison & Jefferson County announced on Wednesday that this pledge to The Stellar Madison Fund will be used to assist in bringing all of the Stellar projects to completion.

Some of the projects included in the Stellar plan include finishing the Madison Connector trail, improving local parks, rehabilitating historic buildings like the Cotton Mill, and repairing and replacing sidewalks.

The funds pledged and given to the Stellar Madison Fund at the Community Foundation will be split 65/35, with 65% of pledged funds going to projects immediately, while 35% will go toward a long-term fund to sustain the projects long into the future.

In a press release, Brad Ellsworth, President of Vectren Energy Delivery South, stated, “We are proud to support the Stellar Madison Fund as it will positively impact not only the City of Madison, but the region as a whole. This is a great opportunity to support a driver of economic development and community revitalization for this segment of our more than 1 million customers.”

“We are thankful for Vectren’s investment in our community through Stellar. Vectren was a partner in the alley activation project a few years ago through its foundation, and Vectren is stepping up again to invest in our community. I am grateful for Brad’s constant communication with me about Vectren’s plans and the company’s willingness to help facilitate any project that improves our community. I look forward to working with them on the Stellar projects and many others in the next few years,” said Mayor Damon Welch.

Other financial pledges will be announced in the coming weeks. Businesses and individuals that are interested in supporting the Stellar Madison Fund can contact Nicole Schell or Andrew Forrester at the Mayor’s Office or Bill Barnes at the Community Foundation.

Madison was designated as a Stellar Community in October of 2017.

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