Trimble County Middle & High Schools to Combine into One Establishment

June 11, 2018


Today in Trimble County, the superintendent of the schools, Steve Miracle, released an open letter to the community announcing the resignation of the current Trimble County High School principal, Mike Slider.

Along with his resignation came the realization that there is no need for two principals with such a small school population. Between the junior and senior high schools, there are just over 500 students in attendance.

Principal Mike Slider posing with TCHS sign

In his open letter, Miracle stated, “The requirement by statute is that if a school has a site-based council then the school must have a principal.”

With this in effect, the Trimble County school board has decided to combine the junior and senior high schools.

“That action was taken at the board meeting on Wednesday, June 6, 2018. The board approved the full consolidation of TCMS  and TCHS by allowing the superintendent to undergo the process with the Kentucky Department of Education of administratively combining TCMS and TCHS and allowing for only one site-based council,” Miracle added in his letter.

In doing this, the superintendent is given the responsibility of hiring a new site-based council. He will have 60 days to do so.

“It is my goal to have all of this completed much sooner than 60 days,” Superintendent Miracle added.

With the gradual decline of student enrollment, community revenue, and budget cuts, the combination of the schools is predicted to be the best financial choice.

Students and families involved with the school system are hoped to be understanding and flexible through this transition.