Days of the New’s Acoustic Mastermind to Rock the Red Bicycle Hall

August 31, 2018


Charlestown native Travis Meeks will be playing the Red Bicycle Hall in Downtown Madison on Friday night, August 31st.

‘Days of the New’ (1997)

Meeks has been a part of the music scene since the 1990’s and got his first taste of fame with the wildly successful acoustic rock band Days of the New.

At the age of 17, singer/songwriter/guitarist Meeks and fellow teenage band members Matt Taul, Todd Whitener and Jesse Vest were signed to a major record label.

In 1997, they released their successful top 40 self-titled ‘Yellow’ album that included the single ‘Touch, Peel and Stand’ which became a number one single in the U.S.A.

‘Days of the New’ (1999)

Opening slots on tour with Jerry Cantrell and Metallica further exposed the band to fans around the country before headlining themselves.

Two more self-titled Days of the New albums followed (‘Green’ and ‘Red’) with different lineups, all featuring Meeks and one of them with future singer/actress Nicole Scherzinger on backup vocals.

‘Days of the New’ (2001)

Travis has been playing music ever since and here is his take on rocking out with acoustic guitar over electric according to a LAUNCH artist chat: ‘”Acoustic guitars are more musical. They’re not all covered up by different sounds and distortions and stuff. Of course we put distortion on our guitars, but I like to go make campfires and sit out by the water, and you can’t do that with an electric guitar. Each acoustic guitar has its own soul; it seems way more natural to play than electric.”

Tickets are $20 and the doors open at 8:00pm.

The Red Bicycle Hall is located at 125 East Main Street in Downtown Madison, Indiana.