Theft report leads to Recovered Firearm, Gaming Systems, and Arrest

Theft report leads to Recovered Firearm, Gaming Systems, and Arrest

On Friday, March 18th, 2016, The North Vernon Police Department received information of a theft that occurred in the 500 block of South State Street. Officer Seth Beville responded to the area and took the report. During the investigation, it was discovered that a handgun, a Playstation 4, a Xbox 360, and various games belong to each system were taken from the residence, while the owner was away on vacation.

It was stated that the suspects, Isaac Robbins and Keersten Smith, had come to the home and stayed the night with the roommate of the victim. Smith was reportedly an ex-girlfriend to the roommate. It was discovered the next day that the thefts had occurred after they had left the home.

The discovery was made by employees at the Gamestop in Seymour, IN, where Robbins and Smith had taken the Playstation 4 and some games to sell. The employee contacted the victim and asked him if he had sold his gaming system to the two. Luckily, the victim had written his name on his possessions and the employee recognized the name. Robbins and Smith received money from GameStop for the items and returned to North Vernon.

Officer Beville received information that Smith was supposed to be at a tattoo appointment at a local tattoo shop in North Vernon. Through additional investigation, it was discovered that a Ruger SR40c handgun was taken from the home as well.

Officer Beville went to the tattoo shop in an attempt to intercept the suspects. There he was met by the two as they had arrived just after he did. After identifying the two subjects as his the suspects, Officer Beville asked them about the handgun and if they had any weapons on them. The stolen handgun was located in the waistband of Robbins. It was safely removed and disarmed. Robbins and Smith were taken into custody.

Further information was obtained by Officer Beville and the location of additional stolen items was given. Officer Beville and Lieutenant Mike Mowrey of the Jennings County Sheriff’s department were able to locate the hidden bag in Crosley Fish and Wildlife area.
Inside the bag was the missing Xbox 360, more games, a digital camcorder, drugs and other various drug paraphernalia items. Total dollar amount of the items taken were around 1,000-1,500 dollars.

Items were returned to the owner. Robbins is charged with Theft and carrying a handgun without a permit. Smith is charged with aiding in the commission of a crime- Theft and carrying a handgun without a permit.


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