The River Rocked, Salvation Won, & Cars Were Oh So Classic

September 4, 2018


Hundreds of car enthusiasts were at the Rockin on the River car show Saturday on Vaughn Drive near Bicentennial Park.

The daylong event featured restored vehicles and vendor booths along with live music throughout the day.

Proceeds from the annual event go to benefit the Salvation Army.

The winning names have been provided by Alisa Jones with Rockin on the River.

Best of show: Doug and Amie Duerstock: 1968 Ford Mustang

Mayor’s choice: Jim Mattingly

Best Buick: Joe Anderson

Best Engine: Rick Carter

Best Foreign: Dave Thompson

Best Mustang: Jon Harsin

Best Pontiac: Eric Emmerich

Best Truck: Delbert Hamilton

Best Interior: Bobby Milk

Best Chevrolet: John Lee

Best Ford: Bill Pettit

Best Graphics: Jody & Maudie Johnson

Best AMC: John Young

Best Corvette: Gary Pierce

Best Oldsmobile: John Melton

Salvation Army Choice: Troy Reynolds

Best Unfinished: Kyle Dailey

Best Motorcycle: Charles Demaree

Best Mopar: Greg & Jessica Bentley

People’s Choice: Eric Cook

Traveller’s Award: Bruce & Jeanie Kolb

Fabulous 50: Mike Hallas, Cecil Dunn, Charles Gossom, Troy Willoughby, Mike & Angie Lewis, Jeff Mitchell, Corey Bentley, Aaron Fox, Ben Gulley, Cody Holman, Bill Kiesel, Mark Johnson, Jim Morgan, Bill Meredith, Dan Ferguson, K St.Clair, Doug Caudill, Mark Short, Don & Betty Gray, Grayson Rhofen, Donnie Bowen, Jim Anezko, Henry Downs, Jeff Kernen, Bruce & Jeanine Kolb, Joe May, Gary Hatton, JR Melton jr., Patrick & Kathy Cairns, David Haynes, Jeff Brooks, Nicholas Sears, Joey Spencer, Robert Hardin, Ernie Vornheder, Charles Sargent, Linda Crosby, Scott & Kristy Crosby, Mike Trulock, Rick Roberts, Nick Otte, Dale Bohorff, Bonnie Cook, Frank Goss, Tim & Shermagne Livingston, Shawn Craddock, Dan Turner, George Doss, Steve Harmeyer

Super 24: (medallions not trophies): Sebastian Livorno, William Pruitt, Daniel Smith, Christy Cull, Troy Ayler, Rick & Abel Higham, Chad Neukam, Dennis Dailey, David Layman, Rick Floyd, Judy Brooks, Wayne Dunlap, Kevin Dixon, Casey Lawson, Alex Dixon, Dave & Joyce Lupien, Frank T. Hayes, Austin Dixon, Les Mack, Leon Poindexter, Pete Backus, John Backus, Amy Roberts. (One name missing from the list.)