Hats and High Tea Time at the Shrewsbury-Windle House

April 17, 2019


Historic Madison Inc. will be hosting their first public tea in the “Hats and High Teas” Series.

This event will be hosted by Historic Madison Inc. at the award-winning and restored Shrewsbury-Windle House on 301 West First street.

This Sweet Springtime four-course tea will feature a sweet and savory food items served on fine china, with a selection of excellent teas, period music, fresh flowers, photo ops and free gifts! There is a recommended attire for this event of hats, dresses, and ties but does ask their guests to not to wear jeans or stilettos.

This tea time was a tradition of Ellen Shrewsbury and Ann Windle, who graciously welcomed Madisonians into the Shrewsbury-Windle Home since 1849.

Guests who wish to participate in this event on Saturday, April 27th from 2PM-4PM are asked to purchase tickets for the cost of $45.00 per guest. Seating is limited so call .

All proceeds from this Sweet Springtime Tea benefit ongoing care of the Shrewsbury-Windle House.


If you are not able to make it on April 27th check out additional dates below:

April 27th – Welcome, Sweet Springtime Tea

June 30th – Vintage Patriotic Tea on the lawn

October 13th – Gatsby Glamour Tea

December 8th – A Merry Christmas Tea