Southwestern Lady Rebels Soccer Travels to the Land of Rising Sun

September 12, 2017


Southwestern Lady Rebels Soccer team traveled to Rising Sun, coming away with the 5-2 win over the Lady Shiners.

Emma Foley got the Lady Rebels on the board first with a strong kick from the top, outside right of the box which passed through the goalie’s fingertips. For Southwestern’s second goal, Foley scooped the ball over several defenders to Kayla Adkins who drew the goalie out of the box and then passed to Taylor Cole for the score.

In the second half, Cole put a grounder into the net after an assist from Foley. For the 4th goal, Adkins had a strong kick from 30 yards out which the Goalie got a hand on, but was unable to hold on to the ball and Foley found the back of the net.

It was just a few minutes later, when Rising Sun’s Kinsey Price scored, but re-injured her arm falling after the shot.
The Lady Rebs last goal came when Foley’s hard shot was deflected by the goalie, but Cole was there to put it in the net.
Rising Sun’s Sidney Pitts finished the scoring on a free kick.
Southwestern Coach, Nancy Totten stated, “I was very proud of our girls today. Our forwards moved well and one could feel the joy they had playing together. Mary Schroeder at stopper played relentlessly tough. It is to her credit that players did not get very close to the goal for shots. Marissa Webster continued as a beautiful but solid wall for us. Kristin Thorpe had a great game anticipating the action and keeping their players forward and outside. Isabel Brooks at sweep challenged and intercepted many a ball which was especially key early on in getting the momentum our way. Kate Sampson at goal had some great saves which helped fuel our momentum. The midfield is the glue. I was proud of the whole team at the half recognizing the need to move together and then adjusting and playing a great team game.”