Southern Indiana Residents Left “In The Dark” Due To Power Outage

January 4, 2018


Approximately 6000 Southern Indiana residents were literally “In The Dark” on January 3rd as the demand for higher power usage put stress on sub stations through out parts of Southern Indiana.
Around 9:15 p.m. a transmission line jumper broke at the Memphis substation.  This caused partial power for members at the Memphis, Henryville and Reeves substation.
Power was back fed for customers from the Scottsburg area to restore power to the Henryville and Reeves substation.
 Many residents reported that they had some electricity in their homes but dim wattage on lights and only anything requiring  110 volts was accessible to residents, anything using  220 volts such as stoves and furnaces or space heaters would not function.
This type of low wattage occurred when the jumper  or high Power Line burned in to and fell onto a crossarm wire.
At 10:00 pm when the outages were first reported there were approximately 6000 with out power,  a spokesperson for Clark County REMC stated they were working on the outages and hoped to have the electricity back up as quickly as possible.
At around 11 pm customers began getting text messages to let them know the outage had been repaired and they once again had service.

Power was fully restored for  around 2:00 a.m.

Arctic Air Engulfs The Midwest

The Arctic temperatures that have gripped many parts of the nation are to blame for the increased stress on electric company sub stations as residents are putting greater demands on the power grid as they try to heat their homes.
To help minimize the heavy loads on the power lines Clark County REMC suggests that customers make sure their furnaces are cleaned and serviced on a regular basis as well as having their homes winterized.
During long extended periods of extremely cold weather make sure you have a flashlight and batteries, food and warm blankets.
Clark County REMC provides electricity to 20,110 customers that live in Clark, Floyd, Jefferson, Scott and Washington counties in Indiana.