Madison Man Charged with Child Solicitation Blames Voices in His Head

March 25, 2019


Jeremy Rice, 31 of Madison, Indiana

A Madison man was arrested on multiple charges including child solicitation.

According to the Madison Police Department on Thursday, March 21st officers met with a woman who informed police that her 11 year old child told her that this past November, a man asked her to perform sexual favors, including oral sex.

She went on to tell officials that her daughter did not want to be around the man any longer.

The mother, along with a friend, confronted 31 year old Jeremy Rice, of Madison, about the allegations disclosed from her child.

Rice admitted to to asking such requests but responded by blaming his behavior on quote “voices in his head” and referring to one of the voices as a pedophile or ‘pedo’ in his terminology.

She had showed police messages on her phone from Rice about questions she asked him regarding her child.

Rice shared information about different sexual acts then mentioned that he has told her everything.

A forensic interview was conducted at the Children’s Advocacy Center where the victim stated that Jeremy Rice showed her phonographic videos and exposed himself.

What he told the young child was not to tell anyone about it.

On March 21st a search warrant was issued for his residence on Taft drive in Madison, to retrieve his cell phone that was used to send the messages.

During an interview with Rice police stated that he denied the allegations but said he was using methamphetamine heavily around the time the alleged incident.

Jeremy Rice was transported to the Jefferson county jail and was charged with the following felonies; Child solicitation, performing sexual conduct in the presence of a minor, and also conduction performance harmful to minors.

Police have stated that due to the victim’s age and the nature of the ongoing investigation, further details are not being released at this time.

Rice had his initial hearing Friday in the Jefferson County Superior Court and was released on his own recognizance, but will be monitored electronically until his trial.

The court also filed a no-contact order on behalf of the victim and ordered Rice to undergo a mental health assessment.