Shawe Student Artists to Share their Works and Inspirations on New Blog

March 14, 2017


Artworks by Summer Martin (Left) and Sami Legeza

Shawe students are displaying the art that they create in a new way for the high school.
Student can now post on an Internet blog about their art work and new creations.
According to Prince of Peace Schools President Phil Kahn, "Mrs. Amy Fischmer has all of the kids doing some very exciting projects and helping take our great ART program to an even higher level."
Fischmer has introduced Advanced Placement and Dual Credit art classes and teaches to all different levels.
This blog is one of the ways she feels will help connect to her student and help them learn and gain more excitement from the classroom environment.
She is finding new ways to connect with students to help them learn and be even more excited about their classes.
The blog itself, titled 'Artoppers', allows students to write about their work and share it with everyone on a consecutive, biweekly basis.
They are also creating their own hashtags and relating their work to artist inspirations.
Below is the web address to access this website.
Just copy and paste the below URL to check it out:

Artwork by Delanie Duquette

Artwork in progress by Haley Thayer

Art in Progress by Kelly Hesse