Step Into the Mind of a 7th Grader at this Shawe Memorial Science Fair

October 3, 2017


The Shawe Memorial 7th grade Sciecne class held its Science Fair this past week. The students picked a topic
question that consisted of a control and variables. The students presented their individual projects on Friday in the
gym and were visited by students from Pope John and Shawe throughout the day. The memorized presentations
by each students consisted of the topic of the project, what was tested, their hypothesis and the results of the

The primary objective of this project was to have students approach a problem scientifically. This includes:

Asking questions and forming hypotheses
Creating experiments to test those hypotheses
Organizing data and drawing conclusions
Writing about scientific research

Students awarded included:

Best Display Board: Katey Fultz, Carson Cooke, Thomas Ott

Research Excellence: Brady Jackson, Wesley Henderson, Josselin Aguilar

Most Creative Experiment: Katie Jacobs, Sophia Ho, Braeden Collins

5th Place: Eric Liu and Emily Vaughn
4th Place: Noah Guetig and Calli Alderman
3rd Place: Sophie Whitham and Trapper Johnson
2nd Place: Owen Altermatt and Abbie Stewart
1st Place: Lauren Grote and Brady Jackson

“This was a great experience overall from start to finish for the students. I was thrilled with the high level of quality by the students
and know that they worked very hard on their project experiments,” said Liz Subrin, Life Science Teacher at Shawe.