Rockin’ Thunder Welcomes a Newer, Bigger Boat to their Thrilling Fleet

June 9, 2017


Rockin’ Thunder Jet Boats Welcomes a Newer, Bigger (Hell’s Canyon Style) Boat to it’s Thrilling Fleet. Experience Now this Madison Tour Company’s Secret Not-So-Secret-Anymore River Rides in This Exclusive Video brought to you in part by Visit Madison, Inc.!

Rockin’ Thunder offers a 15 Mile Thrill Ride for $29, a 40 Mile Scenic Tour for $49, a 75 Mile Wednesday Lunch Excursion for $89, a 90 Mile Sunday Dinner Adventure for $139, and a 155 Mile Kentucky River Adventure for $199.

Their station is located at 100 Vaughn Drive by the river in Downtown Madison, Indiana.

Their phone number is (812) 701-1155 and their email address is

For more information, you can visit their website at