January’s Annual Meteor Shower to Swing by Earth Tonight

January 3, 2019


After Midnight, the sky’s gonna let some space dust out. The first meteor shower of the year is expected to peak after 9PM on January 3rd and before 2AM on January 4th.

This grouping is called the Quadrantids and probably as high up as last month’s shower called the Geminids.

Qadrantids got its name from a former constellation (not recognized as one since 1922) whose latin name means ‘mural quadrant’.

According to NASA, they are typically one of the best annual outer space shows around and tonight the moon will be just a sliver of a thumbnail, so bare the 33 degree weather if you can.

The northern hemisphere will have the best chance of observation of the expected 80 meteors per hour! So would be better if you were in Europe.

If you know your star sky, this meteor radiates itself between the Big Dipper and Bootes.

As the planet Earth passes through this debris trial, keep in mind it spent almost 6 years orbiting the sun.

Thursday! Thursday! Thursday! One Night Only! Free Admission if you can find it!

Avoiding Light from Cell Phones (and other light) and Binoculars are Helpful…