Patriot, Indiana Holds True to Their Name with Annual 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

September 11, 2017


Today (September 11th, 2017) marks the 16th anniversary of the September 11 Attacks of 2001.

As most every knows, these morning coordinated terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda upon the Wolrd Trade Center Towers in New York City, the Pentagon and a fourth plane that crashed killed 2,996 people and created countless damage in many other ways.


Towns, Cities, Townships, Counties, and States around the country are honoring those who helped, those who fell, and those who were affected by putting on memorial services in their memory.

One such event is taking place in the appropriately named Patriot, Indiana on Monday, September 11th and starting at the Patriot Volunteer Fire Department.

The Town of Patriot invites all to their 9/11 Memorial Services, which begin at 8PM at the PVFD Firehouse (located at 4th and State Road 156) and travel as a candlelight vigil to the Memorial Park (Near 3rd and Plum Street).

The recently renovated Memorial Park will also be rededicated and a bronze plaque will be placed at the World Trade Center Memorial.

Dedicated in 2006 to honor Veterans of all wars, Patriot citizens, Schools and current Patriot businesses, the park is located right in the heart of Patriot, the only incorporated town in the United States with its name.