New Jersey Proposes Possible Jail Time for Walking and Texting

Talking and Texting Law

State Law makers in New Jersey are proposing a law that would give law enforcement officers the right to fine or even arrest text-walkers. Those people who meander down the sidewalk with their eyes glued to their phones texting or responding to Facebook posts that endanger other pedestrians who share the walking space.

The penalties would fall in line with current jaywalking charges which range from $50 to 15 days in jail.It is estimated that there will be over 2 million injuries related to walking and being distracted by a phone this year.

Much controversy has been made about the matter. We would love to hear your thoughts on Facebook, or in the message space below. Should law makers pass a law that would require people to put away their phones while walking? Have you or someone you know been effected by a text-walker? Share your thoughts and story below.

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