MCS School Bus Involved in Car Accident on Highland Drive

March 10, 2017


A Madison Consolidated Schools Bus, being driven by driver Stephen Hagan was stopped at the stop sign on Taylor Street and Highland Drive facing north.
This occurred shortly after the morning student drop off just before 8AM on Thursday, March 9th.
In an attempt to make a left turn onto Highland, Hagan could not see the Dodge Charger being driven by Judith Brooks who was stopping at the stop sign on Highland, approaching Taylor, facing west.
According to police reports, the bus driver, due to the sun rising in the east, attempted to negotiate the tight turn and made contact with the front driver side of Brooks' car.
There were no children on the school bus and nobody was injured.
While both vehicles were damaged, much more to the Dodge car than the bus, and both drivers were reportedly wearing their seat belts.
According to a crash report, it appears to be a case of improper turning and sun glare.