Man with Trespass Warning Arrested in Walmart with Paraphernalia

April 12, 2017


On Sunday April 9, around 3:40 am a Madison Police officer was dispatched to 567 Ivy Tech Drive (Walmart). A Walmart employee reportedly saw a suspicious person being chased by a manager and called 911.

According to police, little information was given about the circumstance. Upon arrival, Walmart management pointed out the suspicious man. Authorities identified the man as Dusty Collins, 35.

Collins reportedly had a trespass warning from “a couple months ago” at Walmart. Collins was then placed under arrest from criminal trespass.

While being cuffed, police noticed Collins attempting to hide a hypodermic needle in his right hand. After being incarcerated in Jefferson County Jail, Collins was overheard saying he used the needle to inject methamphetamine.

Collins is still in Jefferson County Jail at this time.