MCHS Lady Cubs Volleyball Hold Court with Lady Cougars of Trinity Lutheran

September 12, 2017


The Lady Cubs Volleyball Team traveled to Trinity Lutheran in Seymour for a varsity only match and came back with a win in straight sets: 28-26, 25-18, 25-19.


The first set was slow, riddled with several errors by the Cubs. They committed 10 serve/receive errors that limited their high power offense and kept the team from getting into much of a rhythm.


With Kelsey Preocanin ending the first set on a kill, the Lady Cubs rolled into the second set and continued solid hitting. The cubs cut the serve/receive errors in half and were able to get 17 kills in the second set alone.


The third set was similar to the second for the Cubs and the Trinity Lady Cougars did not help themelves with their sloppy play. Senior Madelyn Thomas ended the night with a solo block that hit the floor for the final point.



Team Stats:

Serving: 70-76 w/6 aces

Kills: 38

Blocks: 34

Digs: 31

Serve/Receive point avg: 2.0

Setting: 30 Kill assists



Serving: Ainsly Liter 14-15 w/1 ace, Addy Hill 13-13 w/1 ace, Kingsley Hanson 12-13 w/3 aces, Hannah Imel 12-15 w/1 ace, Kelsey Preocanin 10-10, Madelyn Thomas 9-10

Kills: Ainsly Liter 13, Madelyn Thomas 9, Hannah Imel 6, Kelsey Preocanin 5

Blocks: Madelyn Thomas 9, Hope Miller 8

Digs: Hannah Imel – Kingsley Hanson & Kelsey Preocanin 7 each

Serve/Receive point avg: Kingsley Hanson 2.3, Ainsly Liter & Madelyn Thomas 2.1

Setting: Kelsey Preocanin 25 kill assists, Hannah Imel 4


Record: 14-6