License Plate Light Failure Brings Two in on Drug Charges

March 15, 2017


On Friday, March 10th another meth discovery occurred on the Madison Riverfront.

According to police reports, Patrolman Phillip Wimpee saw a black truck with no license plate light on Vaughn Dr. After being pulled over, the driver quickly exited the car with his hands in his pockets and headed towards Wimpee.

Charles Pennington, 47, was detained by a second officer on scene where it was revealed that he had just picked up a woman, Michelle Tingle, who was fidgeting in the truck.

This prompted officers to search the vehicle where they found two syringes (one contained meth). Pennington was found to have two baggies with white resin inside when he arrived at the jail.

Both Pennington and Tingle have been incarcerated in the Jefferson County Jail.