Possible Extreme Weather is Headed to Kentuckiana

Weather Radar

Weather system as of Wednesday 7:00 pm EST

Kentuckian Weather Radar

Portion of the storm that will impact Kentuckiana

Kentuckian Weather Update

Possible extreme weather is headed to Kentuckiana. Expect rain, wind and possible thunderstorms all day Thursday. Beginning early in the morning Thursday and fading by later in the evening this weather system will make for a soggy day.

Further west this same weather system in Nebraska has been extreme all day. Many areas have been under tornado watch along with a winter weather advisory. People have reported hail, sleet and snow along with thunder, lighting and rain.

The weather in Nebraska is part of a large weather pattern that is moving toward the Kentuckian viewing area.

Snow on the radar appears to be pushing north of Indianapolis, however, the weather that will arrive early in the morning Thursday still brings with it a chance for severe weather.

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