KDH Experiences Cyber Attack

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KDH shuts down computer systems in response to cyber attack

Exercising an abundance of caution, computer systems at King’s Daughters’ Health were intentionally shut down on Wednesday morning after a single-user’s files were infected with a ransomware virus known as Locky. At this time, all patient data remains secure and has not been affected or compromised, according to Linda Darnell, Senior Director of Information Technology at KDH.

KDH President/CEO Carol Dozier said computer systems throughout the organization have been shut down in order to eradicate the Locky virus. Once it is safe to do so, Dozier said computer systems will be brought back online.

Thanks to education and awareness about ongoing email and cyber threats, KDH employees acted swiftly once the virus was discovered in an email that appeared legitimate. KDH officials believe the virus was limited to one user’s files.

Dozier said hospitals around the country are being attacked by the Locky virus, including one last week in Kentucky. The Locky virus encrypts files and prompts the user to pay a ransom (an amount of money) to regain access to the files. Dozier said KDH has notified the FBI about the attack.

While electronic systems are down, KDH will continue using manual processes to provide care. Although these processes often take longer, it’s important that KDH protects the private health information of its patients.

If patients have questions about appointments they are encouraged to contact their provider’s office. Additional information will be provided once it becomes available.

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