Jefferson County Food Inspections for July 15th through 21st

July 31, 2018


The Following are Food Inspection Reports from the Jefferson County Health Department where Violations Were Found from the dates of July 15th through July 21st, 2018


Burger King – 544 Clifty Drive

• 6 non-critical violation, 2 repeat:

Found Dumpster Lids Left Open, Must be Left Closed & Floor Under Deep Fryer Needs to be Cleaned


Clifty Meat Market – 533 Clifty Drive

• 3 non-critical violations

• 1 critical violation:

Display Cooler has Meat Stacked Over Zucchini. Ready to Eat Items Must Be on Top. In Walk-In Cooler, Bacon is Stacked over Cheese and Produce.


Courtyard Grill – 321 Jefferson Street

• 6 non-critical violations, 2 Repeat:

Floor in Outside Storage Room Needs to be Sealed. Ceiling in Outside Storage Room Needs to be Completed.


Gaffney’s Grocery – 14190 West Main Street in Deputy

• 1 non-critical violation


Pizza Hut – 510 Clifty Drive

• 4 non-critical violations, 1 repeat:

Repair Needed to Hand Wash Bracket Holding the Hot and Cold Knee Valves (Near Auto Dishwasher)


Pride Family Market – 266 West Lagrange Road in Hanover

• 1 critical violation:

Glass Cleaner Stored Over Taco Sauce Packets and Crackers


Shipley’s Tavern – 322 West Street in Madison

• 1 non-critical violation