Indiana Finally Selects the Official Hoosier State Insect

February 28, 2018


The State of Indiana has finally selected their Official State Insect…..

It appears that a dedicated group of people have been fighting to make the Say’s Firefly (described as such due to the fact that this species of beetle was named after naturalist Thomas Say who identified it in 1824 near New Harmony, Indiana) the state insect since 2014.

Until now, Indiana was one of three states without their own state insect.

Kayla Xu, a fifth-grader in West Lafayette, and her classmates testified before the Senate’s public policy committee earlier this session.

“I know this bill bugged some of my legislative friends, but the truth is it’s a big deal to young students around the state who have reached out to us in support—particularly students from Cumberland Elementary School in West Lafayette,” Holcomb said in a statement released Tuesday after the bill’s passage. “They’ve shown incredible perseverance and have advocated for the Say’s Firefly to be the official state insect for several years. This is a great way for young students to be involved in the civic process,” Holcomb said. “It will promote good citizens, and it will bring attention to science and the outdoors. Beyond the satisfaction these kids will feel when they look out on a hot Indiana summer night and see the state insect flashing away, the real beauty of this bill is the civic engagement it inspired in our youngest citizens. It’s taught them a great deal about how our lawmaking process works — and that if they are engaged, they can make a real difference.”

Fireflies are winged beetles, commonly called lightning bugs for their conspicuous use of BioLuminescence during twilight hours to attract mates or prety.

It is not known yet whether the insects appreciate fully this stately honor, but time just may tell and the glows this summer may just be a bit brighter.