Concealed in Plain Sight with Handgun that Looks Like a Smartphone

Ideal Conceal is a new handgun that is shaped like and resembles a mobile phone and case.

The Ideal Conceal company specializes in concealed weaponry. The company is in the final stages of creating a hand gun that is inconspicuous and doesn't draw attention to itself while holstered.

Smartphones are everywhere, so the new pistol will blend in with today’s environment. In its locked position it will be virtually undetectable because it hides in plain sight.

From the Ideal Conceal Website:
No one wants to be in a dreadful situation that may require you to defend yourself with the use of deadly force. Yet as the old adage goes: “It’s better to have a gun and not need one, than to need a gun and not have one”.

The Ideal Conceal Pistol will be available for purchase mid-2016.

For more information you can visit the company's website.

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