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PSA Guidelines and Overview

Molly Dodge, Clearinghouse Project Director and WKMNews Volunteer


WKMNews is fortunate to have received a grant from the Arvin Sango Foundation to underwrite the creation of public service announcement videos. This grant enables WKMNews to create videos free of charge for nonprofit organizations who are seeking to raise awareness or change the public attitude and/or behavior towards a social issue.


What are the benefits of partnering with WKMNews to create a PSA video?

1. Your PSA video will be posted on the WKMNews website (XXX hits or other stats).

2. Your PSA video will be posted on our Facebook page (stats about FB page).

3. Your PSA video will be made available on the WKMNews app for your phone.

4. Your PSA video will be made available as a link that you can use on your organization’s social media outlets; to email to your target audience (including your mom, aww!); and to use anyhow you see fit.  Your PSA video is YOURS – a gift from WKMNews and the Arvin Sango Foundation.

All of these benefits – and did we mention it is FREE?


If you would like to request that WKMNews tape a PSA video, please review the guidelines for the program and email WKMNews PSA Volunteer.

How do I know my announcement is appropriate for a PSA video?

1. To qualify your video as a Public Service Announcement (PSA), your organization must be a 501(c)(3) organization, legally recognized by the IRS.


2. With a PSA announcement, we’re going to want to motivate a targeted audience to act. Want to motivate the community to drop off canned goods for the food drive? Want to make sure children’s seat belts are buckled? Want to move people to stop smoking?  Let’s create a PSA video!


Unfortunately, by law, we can’t use a PSA video simply to talk about your organization, announce your next meeting date or promote your fundraiser. Those are commercials. However, WKMNews can create commercials for your organization – and we offer discounted rates for nonprofit organizations, simply contact WKMNews.


3. Your organization has a “core message” that can be expressed in a concise 2-3 minutes.  Your organization has one thing you want the audience to hear, to understand and to remember. WKMNews videos are sound bites for your organization. Can we package your message in a short timeframe?


4. Your organization has a “spokesmodel” who will make your announcement on camera. WKMNews will be with you every step of the way, but our staff won’t make your announcement for you. Your organization should identify an individual who is a good public speaker, has a friendly and positive personality and who isn’t better looking than our staff. (That last qualification is a deal breaker…)

If you can answer “yes” to all the questions above, then your announcement is appropriate for a PSA video!

So you have an announcement that fits our guidelines, what next?  Simply contact Molly Dodge, our PSA Volunteer at [email protected] or by phone: (812) 599-1996.

Your organization makes a positive difference.  We want to help promote your programs. Contact us today!


Molly Dodge

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