Early Morning Traffic Stop Uncovers Methamphetamine

June 9, 2017


A Madison police officer was on patrol Thursday at 4am when he recognized another driver as David W. Osborne, whom he knew from previous encounters to have a suspended driver’s license.

According to official reports, the officer then asked dispatch to check if the license was still suspended before pulling Osborne over. Upon confirmation, the officer initiated a traffic stop after observing the car swerving, crossing both the center line and the fog line.

As the car came to a stop, Osborne jumped out and walked toward the patrol car. The officer asked him for identification, and Osborne responded that he did not have any identification on him but was named “Gabe Leach”. Also in the vehicle was a minor, who Osborne was “giving…a ride home from Walmart”. The officer asked if there was anything incriminating in the car, and Osborne said there were two marijuana pipes in one door after a brief pause.

At that point, Osborne was handcuffed, having admitted to paraphernalia in his vehicle, and a search revealed three pipes and a pocket mirror with methamphetamine in it. Osborne was transported to the Jefferson County jail, the minor was released from the scene to her parents, and the car was towed. At the jail, more methamphetamine was located on Osborne’s person.