Brussels Horrific Events Leave Deep Concern

Vigil for Brussels
Vigil for Brussels

Speculation surrounding the terror attacks in Brussels which killed 30 people and left dozens injured, was confirmed to be an ISIS lead attack when they claimed responsibility later that day. The first attack took place at around 8am, in Brussels Airport when two explosions were heard in the departure hall, just minutes after one another. It has been reported that Brussels Airport will remain closed until 6am on Wednesday after officials have urged people to avoid the area.

The second attack took place only one hour later in Maalbeek Metro station, which was in close proximity to many European institutions. The European commission issued a statement warning people to stay at home, after declaring all EU institutions are on alert level orange. The Metro system in Brussels has been shut down until further notice, as people are advised to avoid all public transport.

Justin Trudeau, The Prime Minister of Belgium responded to the news of these atrocities with the following statement” I am outraged, and deeply saddened by the news that so many have been killed and injured in terrorist attacks targeting the people of Brussels, Belgium”

The terror organisation ISIS have issued a perceived warning to the West stating “We promise the crusader allies against the Islamic state, there will be dark days in response to their aggression against our state” This statement aroused world governments, and global security as measures have been increased within major cities such as London, New York and Amsterdam adding extra police units around main transport hubs.
World leaders have also taken time to comment on the attacks with the following statements;

Barrack Obama, the president of the United States responded with “We will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally Belgium in bringing justice to those who are responsible”

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron stated “We need to stand together against these appalling terrorists and make sure they can never win”
A joint statement made by 28 members of the E.U said” We will be united and firm in the fight against hatred, violent extremism and terrorism”

With the current political climate in such a tense state, with similar attacks taking place in Ankara, Turkey, the election candidates in the United States causing global controversy, and the United Kingdom holding a referendum leading to a potential withdrawal from the European Union, attacks like this need to be responded to with delicate diplomacy and international cohesion.

This attack has posed the question on whether the current bombings on Isis militants in Syria will be intensified, and can measures be implemented in order to prevent these horrific attacks.

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