Avoid Relying on SR 250 in Monroe Township for the Next 3 Months

August 6, 2018


The State Roads 62 & 250 ‘Y’

The Indiana Department of Transportation plans to close State Road 250 tomorrow (AUGUST 7th, 2018) for up to 90 days between U.S. Highway 421 and S.R. 62 in Monroe Township of Jefferson County.

Specialty crews have been contracted to stabilize an eroding embankment 10.7 miles west of the Switzerland County line on S.R. 250 just north of the S.R. 62 “Y”.

A state highway detour will route motorists around the site via U.S. 421 and S.R. 62.

Geostablization International, INDOT’s slide mitigation contractor, will embed 20-foot-long steel shafts into the slide area which measures 900 feet side-to-side and eight to 11 feet in height.

A man using shotcrete

Ends of these “soil nails” will be fitted with a wire mesh, then overcoated with shotcrete, or concrete conveyed through a hose and projected at high velocity onto a surface, to form a stabilizing wall.

The $1 million project also calls for pavement replacement and installation of curbs and gutters.

S.R. 250 at the slide site has a traffic count of 780 vehicles per day.

Avoid Relying on SR 250 Here for the next 3 Months