Local 4th Grader’s Art To Appear On Madison’s Hilltop This Spring

February 5, 2019


A 4th grader at E.O Muncie will soon be able to see her artwork displayed as a part of the Artsy Switch Box Project. A Press release sent out by Madison Consolidated Schools announce that in a joint project with the Madison Area Arts Alliance the MCS put out a “Call 4 Art” contest to all Kindergarten through 12th Grade students.

The Arts Alliance was expanding their Artsy Switch Box project to Madison’s Hilltop and was searching for local artist to display their work by transforming plain electrical switch boxes into public pieces of art

Kim Nyberg, Executive Director – Madison Area Arts Alliance, knew this would be a unique opportunity to showcase student work.

“The switch box located on the campus of the Madison Consolidated High School (just across from the McDonald’s entrance) provides the perfect canvas to showcase student creativity. Our board reached out to the district and within a few days we had a plan to invite all Madison students to get involved,” shares Nyberg.

MCS Students were encouraged to get creative and submit a piece for their contest. By the deadline on January 18th, they received 59 original works of art to choose from.

The winner of this creative contest was E.O Muncie 4th Grader, Carolyn Mahoney with her piece titled Friends Swinging in Moonlight.

Artwork ranged from hand drawn images in crayon, to original oil paintings on canvas, to pencil sketches, to digital photography, and graphic art creations using computer software.

“We received an incredibly diverse and beautiful collection of original work from students all over our district from Kindergarten through high school,” states Ashley Schutte – District Communications Coordinator. “The pieces were submitted via email with a digital photo of the original artwork. As I began opening the images to prepare them for the judges I was overwhelmed by the creativity, originality, and thought each student put into the work they submitted.”

For More Information about the Phase 2 of the Artsy Switch Box Project check out the video Below: