Another Upcoming Chip and Fog Seal to Cause Delays on State Road 56

June 26, 2018


One after the other, the Indiana Department of Transportation maintenance crews plan to initiate another chip seal in Madison.

This time, though, it will be taking place on the 7¼-mile segment of State Road 56 from just beyond Madison’s east limits to Shirks Hollow Road at Brooksburg, weather permitting, on Monday, July 2.

Approximate map of traffic

This chip seal will coat the existing pavement with liquid asphalt—sealing cracks and protecting the roadbed from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Small chips of limestone are used to cover the asphalt—preventing it from spraying vehicles or sticking to tires.

The chips also restore surface friction for improved skid resistance and driver safety.

Flaggers will direct traffic around pavement preservation operations on the scenic highway between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

The Indiana Department of Transportation’s current schedule also calls for a fog seal to be applied on Thursday, July 12, following the chip seal.

Fog seals are light sprays of liquid asphalt that lock in the stone and further overcoat the highway with sealant protection.

This extends service life and lowers maintenance costs.

Commuters who regularly travel this route, an alternate path may be more suitable for time management.