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Advertise your business  on and reach your local target audience faster and in a fresh relevant way.

Demographics – WKM covers a wide range of ages primarily the 25-64 range with a slight gender division edge to the women. It’s about 54% female and 46% male.

Content – Our content covers a wide variety of topics throughout the area. From local government to state topics, no issue is too big or too small for our reporters. We host shows on our website, available all day long, with Cross Connections and We the People with many more on the way.

Coverage Area - The WKM area centers a 35-mile perimeter around our home in Madison, Indiana. About 80% of our viewers are local from Jefferson, Switzerland, Carroll, Jennings, Trimble, Scott, Ripley, & Greater Clark counties. With those views we attract about 20% unique visitors per month.

The Stats – boasts over 5 million video loads over the past year and a half with an average of 36,000 video plays per month along with 45,000 banner ad impressions per month.

Social Media – We have a huge following of over 5,000 Facebook likes as well as hundreds of followers on twitter.


Breaking News – Traffic accidents, fires, and emergency events (However tragic) are a popular part of our videos. Our reporting on these breaking news has a quick turn around where our viewers can stay up-to-date on all emergency events in their community.

Investigation Pieces – Our reporting goes beneath the surface of rumors and distinguishes between what is the truth and what is fiction.

Shows – We have weekly shows in Cross Connections, a Christian talk show with members in the community, and We the People, a political hot-topic show addressing national issues.

Sports – We cover nine high schools and four colleges throughout the area and the state. We have a deep bench of video archives and graphics that gives you up-to-the-minute sports reporting.


Completes Your Brand – It’s not replacing the traditional advertising circle, it’s completing it. Online brings and enormous market that is virtually untouched by print, TV, and radio.

The Future – Social media and the internet in general is becoming more and more relevant in people’s lives. Most people strictly get their news online, which is where we thrive.

FINAL THOUGHTS: is expanding and our value is ever increasing, becoming a recognized force in the community. You may have seen our billboard on Clifty Drive or our wrapped car heading towards the next story. Now it’s your turn. Get your brand out in the community by advertising with WKM News. Help us push your brand using our vast media.

We can’t wait to hear from you.


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