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WKMNews.com was started to solve a simple problem: Local news for small communities is either NOT local or it's slow and inconvenient. With WKM, you’ll discover accurate local news that's available instantly on virtually every media platform. We combine passion, a heart for service, and unparalleled commitment to the truth to deliver an exciting community experience that helps you stay informed.

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Stephan DeLorenzo

Stephan DeLorenzo

Stephan is the Founder and Executive Producer of WKMNews.com. Stephan manages day to day operations. With a background in business startups Stephan chose to start a news organization from the ground up and provide a service to the Madison, Indiana area that was void before the advent of WKM News. As president and founder of Digital Dreams, Inc. Stephan has been helping make peoples memories last a lifetime. Stephan brings knowledge and experience from his years doing business in the digital world. Stephan attended Ivy Tech College where he studied business. If he's not in the office or out in the field he's spending time with his wife, Leslie and daughters.

Stephen Pomeroy

Stephen is excited to help change the way people view news. Now part of the lead team for vision and development at WKM. Stephen is focused on making it incredibly easy for people to stay connected with their community as more and more people move away from the slower more traditional news experience. Prior to WKM News, Stephen traveled the world exposed to different cultures and experiences. In 2009 he founded Pomeroy Enterprises, Inc. Under the leadership of Stephen and Stephan WKM News looks to be the future of news in Madison, Indiana, Kentuckiana and beyond. Stephen holds an Degree from Calvary Chapel Bible College in Indianapolis. With Stephen, truth and integrity are the foundation for what make WKM News news that people can trust.

David Gibson

David is the Director of Sports Media and Graphic Designer for WKM News. David spends his days making WKMNews.com look fresh. David is passionate about WKM and has had the opportunity to work with many of our advertisers to make sure they have all their marketing needs met. He attended Indiana Institute of Technology where he studied Sports Management as well as served as student-assistant Sports Information Director for the Warriors. David did play-by-play, color commentating and wrote for IndianaTechWarriors.com. David continues to study and major in Journalism.

David Gibson

Clayton Elsbury

Clayton is the WKMNews.com Webmaster. He is head of the WKM website and development. Updating the website with fresh content throughout the day rests on Clayton's shoulders. Daily, he works to keep the WKM News website and Mobile App ahead of the curve. Clayton is a 2015 graduate of Shawe Memorial High School in Madison, Indiana. Clayton's expertises are in video editing and web development.

Clayton Elsbury

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