Tuesday’s Halloween Times, Temperatures, and Safety Tips

October 30, 2017


Happy Halloween Eve everyone!

As we can tell it’s already becoming a chilly fall so what’s to be expected for all of our candy loving ghouls and goblins tomorrow on the big day?

34 degrees and cloudy on Halloween! All those scary ghosts and crazy monsters better bundle up before their candy-hunting journey begins!

Trick or Treating starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm, which is also the same time as Madison’s Red, White & Boo at Brown’s Gym!

So if you’re looking to score some more goodies don’t forget to stop by.

We here at WKM News would also like to remind our spooky friends of some safe practices before they go out!

*Be cautious around any and all animals.

*Only go to houses that have their lights turned on. No light=No treat!

*NEVER go inside someone’s house.

*Keep a buddy with you! Whether it’s a parent, sibling or a group of friends. Don’t go up to someone’s house alone.

*ALWAYS make sure to look both ways before crossing the street and NEVER just walk in the street. Try to stay on the sidewalk or on the very edge of the road.

*Last but not least; let your parents or guardians check your goody bags to make sure you got nothing but TREATS and that everything is safe!

From everyone here at WKM News, have a safe, warm and happy Halloween!